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Luxury Residential

Peace of mind is possible during a residential property real estate transaction.

At Princeton Assurance, we understand that your home is likely one of the single greatest financial investments you will ever make. Buying a house can be an emotional process, and we are here to guide and protect you or your client through it all. We will personally work with you or your client through the entire process from the moment you place the order through recording. At Princeton Assurance, you get real people in real time. We are reachable every step of the way. 

Our residential title insurance policies protect you against problems that may arise with the property's title; this may include: competing heirs, unresolved liens, ongoing lawsuits, boundary or zoning disputes, fraudulent paperwork, misfiling, and so much more. 

We provide seamless residential real estate transactions with cutting edge technology that enables us to track every moment of the process to ensure everything moves flawlessly from beginning to end. 

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