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Elizabeth Weidel, Co-Owner, 1915

Elizabeth Weidel, CEO, 2022

About Princeton Assurance

A Proven History

Steeped in over 105 years of industry knowledge and experience, we take an innovative and fresh approach to an age-old process.

Sure, you could say we provide the same great title and settlement services as our competition. What's really the difference? Well, when you choose Princeton Assurance, you instantly gain an entire team to call your own. Place your first order and you'll see. We customize and tailor our processes exactly to your preferences, all while providing an all-inclusive experience. Quickly build your business, and never worry about title, escrow or settlement again. That's what we mean when we say "Boutique Title and Settlement Services." 

Our CEO, Elizabeth Weidel, has worked tirelessly to rebuild a dynamic new version of what the title and settlement experience can be. While other title companies stick to outdated practices that slow down your process and leave your client disappointed, Princeton assurance combines:

  • An industry leading team of professionals,

  • A proven history of over 100 years,

  • Cutting-edge technology and software systems,

  • Nationwide Title Insurance Services,

  • Mobile notary options,

  • Partnerships with the best and strongest underwriters in the nation,

  • Professional and dynamic closings for your clients (did someone say champagne?),

  • And a completely customized experience for you and your clients.

We're confident, once you team with us, you’ll be here to stay. 

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